Your genetic information is updated 24 hours per day and 7 day per week!

As our philosophy is based on expanding the potential of Personalized Medicine, and on the commitment to keep our patients, doctors and family members always up to date with the latest advances in science and medicine and, thanks to the development of our exclusive GENIOO® technology platform, TISMOO also has a genetic data interpretation update system called Tismoo24/7®, which constantly searches for the latest scientific information most relevant to ASD and related syndromes.

Through this exclusive technology platform, fully developed by the TISMOO team of bioinformatics, we define the profile of each patient through the precise identification of their main genetic alterations. From then on, the system will carry out daily searches using sophisticated algorithms on the most relevant information described in the world’s scientific and medical literature. The purpose of Tismoo24/7® is to provide an update with up-to-date information and to correlate these findings to the specific profile of each patient in a simple and planned way.

This is an important resource, as it guarantees a continual update for doctors and patients, recognizing the fact that genetic information that appears to have no relevant meaning today may be the key to more effective treatment tomorrow.

Important informations

  • Patients who undergo the T-Gen® or T-Exom® exams may contract the data update service, Tismoo24/7®, after the report is delivered.
  • After the first contract, if you are interested in continuing with Tismoo24/7®, you can request the automatic renewal of your annual package.
  • Tismoo24/7® is only available for patients who choose to contract the T-Gen® and T-Exom® tests or reanalysis of genome or exome sequencing performed in another laboratory (learn more about reanalysis).
  • Customers who already have raw data from the “Complete Exome” (WES) and/or “Complete Genome” (WGS) may also contract Tismoo24/7® separately.

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